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The Golden City : Jerusalem's 3,000 Years
It doesn't seem possible to condense 3,000 years of history into 32 pages, but Waldman does a creditable job and provides some beautiful artwork as well. Beginning with Moses, Waldman moves quickly to David's designation of Jerusalem as his capital. David's son, Solomon, made Jerusalem a showplace, but eventually the Babylonians overran the city and the first Jewish Diaspora occurred. Later, the Jews returned and rebuilt the city, which has remained their home. In the centuries that followed, Jerusalem was a holy city for Muslims as well as Christians. Rather surprisingly, Waldman gives only several sentences to the recent strife in the city, and one has the feeling that he's steering clear of controversy throughout. Still, this does give children an idea of the importance of this religious capital, and they will be taken with the evocative watercolor-and-colored-pencil artwork that captures both the physicality of an ancient city alive in its stones and the dreaminess of a place filled with centuries of longing.

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(Enchantment of the World Series)
Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, economy, language, religions, culture, and people of Israel, a young nation celebrating its fiftieth birthday in 1998.

Jerusalem 3000 :
Kids Discover the City of Gold!
This book takes children on a magical artifact hunt through the ancient capital city of Israel--Jerusalem--in this, its 3,000th year. Each important site is shown as it is, and as it was, in colorful detail. Hidden in every bustling scene are important relics that must be located.

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Intended as a souvenir book for the Jerusalem 3000 festivities in Israel, this is an interesting, authentic history of the city as revealed through archaeological research. Paris describes the conquering and occupation of this hill city from the Jebusite Period (1300-1004 B.C.E.) through 11 more rulers to the present. An illustrated timeline clearly shows a typical man from each period and possibly subtle changes in the stonework of the background. Each double-page spread recapitulates the chronological history and development of a section of Jerusalem. ``Did you know?'' bubbles provide esoteric facts. Panoramic double-spread paintings of the area in antiquity and at the present time alternate with text pages.

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O, Jerusalem :
Voices of a Sacred City

By Jane Yolen
In her poetry, Yolen captures the feelings all three of these religions have toward the city, and Thompson brings them to life in his exquisite paintings. The poems thoughtfully explore moments of history and myth: the life of young David and his effect on the Jewish people, the meditations of the angels as they watch pilgrims make their way to Jerusalem to honor Allah, and the hope and horror that are sealed in the city's stones. Each double-page spread has a poem and a bit of narrative that tells about the history from which the poem springs. But it is Thompson's pictures that really call to you. He manages a sensitivity and beauty that is equally strong in each picture, whether he is drawing a panoramic view of the city at dawn or a single one of its stones. A book that will linger in your memory.

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People at Odds: Israel and the Arab World by Heather Lehr Wagner
Outlines the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict over the founding of the state of Israel, from 1948 to 2001.

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The Western Wall And Other Jewish Holy Places (Holy Places)

By Mandy Ross
An introduction to Judaism which focuses on some significant and holy sites of the religion.

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Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Jerusalem

By Diane Slavik
Jerusalem developed into a powerful trade center and became one of the world's holiest cities, home to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Travel back through time to discover the city that was once the heart of the Jewish kingdom. Rebuilt time and again, Jerusalem has flourished as the heart of ancient Israel, while modern-day Jerusalem is still a vital, prosperous, but war-torn city.

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Slavik's excellent text takes a complicated topic and makes it not only understandable but also interesting. Part of the Cities through Time series, the book begins with a brief introduction to Jerusalem, then walks readers through the city's long, varied history. The author starts with the ancient town of Shalem, which may have been settled by Canaanite nomads, and describes what life was like then and later, in 1,000 B.C., when the city became a trade center. Chapters are divided into sections--ancient history, Greek and Roman times, the Ottoman era, modern Jerusalem, etc. Each section has several entries, and the clear, crisp writing moves readers along, supplying an overview of the city's importance and details of life during the time. The illustrations are a mix of solid if unexciting original art and well-chosen color and black-and-white photos and historical etchings. A time line and a short bibliography round out this useful offering.

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Children of Israel

By Laurie Grossman
Enter the real lives of children who live in Israel.... Climb through Roman ruins with Yoni, partake in Rawan's Ramadan feast, ride bikes with Shmuel through Jerusalem's Old City and track ibex, wild goats that scale desert cliffs, with Elinor.

This book is a colorful introduction to the wide array of cultures and religions in Israel with profiles of children and families throughout the country. Author and photographer Laurie Grossman illustrates the country's rich history and geographical diversity through breathtaking photographs and compelling text, after spending much time getting to know the children and their lives. Discover this complex country through the eyes of its children.

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This attractive title in the Carolrhoda series "The World's Children" describes Israel from the perspective of different cultural groups. The lifestyle of Ori, who lives in Holon outside of Tel Aviv and wears a key to his apartment around his neck, can be compared to Tadela, an Ethiopian Jew, who lives in a caravanim, a trailer park for new immigrants. Rawan, an Arab Israeli girl celebrates the holiday of Ramadan with her family in Tsur Bahar, while Abba, an Orthodox boy, poses proudly in front of his family's Torah library in Jerusalem. Ethnic foods, such as "hom-homs," the Sephardic dish of fried dough dipped in honey, are described in mouth-watering detail. Each double-page spread is accompanied by large full-color, captioned photographs. The text flows in a smooth narrative, beginning with four pages of historical background that acknowledges Israel as an ancient homeland of the Jews. Holocaust survivors are mentioned as a large group who found refuge in Israel after World War II. While there are no bold subheadings for quick reference, an index leads readers to specific information. Students should enjoy this book as both an informative read and a rich resource for assignments.

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(Globe-Trotters Club)

By Marcia S. Gresko
Israel introduces readers to this culturally rich country. From the rocky Negev Desert to the sparkling Sea of Galilee, the world of Israel is brought to life through easily accessible text and stunning photographs. Because Israel warmly welcomes people from around the world, the people combine many different national traditions. Explore the beautiful land that has become one of the world's most famous countries.

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(Major World Nations)

By Mary Jane Cahill
Surveys the history, topography, people, and culture of Israel, with emphasis on its current economy, industry, and place in the political world.

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This formulaic study provides basic information concerning the country's history, government, people, and culture. While undeniably informative, the encyclopedia-style prose and bland black-and-white photos probably will relegate this volume mainly to report-writing students. The book contains an insert of postcard-quality color plates, a fact sheet, and a map.

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Take Me to the Holy Land:
A Youngster's Tour of Eretz Yisrael

By Tsivi Yanofsky
“Someday my little children will want to go to Eretz Yisrael. What would I show them and how would I explain its history to them?”

Mrs. Tsivia Yanofsky asked herself that question and decided to share her answers with the rest of us in this beautiful book. It is a very special kind of travelogue. In it, she visits numerous places, from the Kosel Hamaaravi to Maayan Elisha, and tells her children about them. Some history, some facts, some Midrashim, some interesting tidbits, some personal feelings - all made unusually appealing and interesting with the help of strikingly beautiful full-color photographs.

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The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt

By Scott Blumenthal
Today, more than ever, we need to help our children develop an identification with Israel. The earlier we start, the better. And there's no better, more fun introduction than The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt!

This beautifully written adventure invites students on a scavenger hunt, led by a young American boy, Daniel, and his Israeli cousin, Rivkah. Following the cryptic instructions in a letter from their grandfather, the two cousins travel across Israel in search of the special objects, including the Israeli flag, a palm tree, and the Western Wall.

As they travel, Daniel—and your students—learn about the major cities and extraordinary sites of Israel, the diversity of Israel's people and cultures, our biblical and modern ties with the Jewish homeland, and the geography of Israel. They also learn key Hebrew terms, such as Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), Ivrit (Hebrew), shalom (hello, goodbye, and peace), and limonada (lemonade). And they learn about important Jewish values, such as rodef shalom (pursuing peace) and ahavat Tzion (love of Israel), that are linked to chapter content.

Designed to intrigue students in grades 2 and 3, The Great Israel Scavenger Hunt includes more than eighty full-color photos, playful illustrations, and age-appropriate maps. Colorful stickers will motivate students and give them a sense of achievement as they travel through Israel with Daniel and Rivkah.

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