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A Kid's Catalog of Israel
A Kid's Catalog of Israel
Mixed up about Israel: This book, newly revised, will tell you about the land and the people who live in it. You can try some Israeli crafts, and play some Israeli games. And you can learn about Israeli customs and history and read Israeli stories.

Our Land of Israel

By Chaya M. Burstein

Teachers Guide Also Available
Chaya Burstein's newest book leads fourth to sixth graders on a top-to-bottom tour of modern Israel. Students explore Eretz Yisrael through the eyes of Sam, a twelve-year-old who lives on a mountaintop; Mohammed, an Arab boy from Jerusalem; Uriah, a student; Meirav, a girl who loves to hike and explore Israel's hills and valleys; and others. Burstein's charming illustrations, lively games, entertaining puzzles, and "minipedia" of essential information make the journey great fun.

Chapters include: Jerusalem * The Galilee * The Negev Desert * Haifa and Tel Aviv * How Israel Was Born and How It Grew * Being Jewish in the Holy Land * Israel's Cities * Country Life * Arabs in Israel * Going to School * Israel's Army of Citizens.

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Friends Indeed :
The Special Relationship of Israel and the United States
The history of these nations has been intertwined since Israel became a state in May 1948. As in many political friendships between powerful countries, the relationship has not always been a smooth one. Finkelstein succeeds in chronicling the drama and emotional upheaval in Israel's short history and its unique ties to the U.S. In a clear, articulate style, the author holds readers' attention from Israel's conception to Benjamin Netanyahu's election as prime minister. An introductory chapter provides background on the origins of the state while others are devoted to significant dates in Israel's history. Incorporated throughout are fascinating anecdotes, including an incident involving Frank Sinatra. A sprinkling of black-and-white photographs enhances the narrative. There is an excellent time line and a complete index. Most collections will benefit from this readable account.

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With its principles of religious freedom, the U.S. was a beacon toward which persecuted Jews from all over the world set their course. But even in the U.S., anti-Semitism loomed, causing such influential American Jews as Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis to listen to and support Theodor Herzl when he agitated for a Jewish homeland, where Jews, "no matter how assimilated or patriotic," would not be viewed as strangers. Yet a Jewish state might never have been realized without the backing of President Harry Truman, whose ear was turned to the needs of the Jewish people by his former business partner and long-time friend, Eddie Jacobson. The story behind that influential friendship as well as inside perspectives on the relationships between subsequent American administrations, their Jewish-American constituency, and the state of Israel comprise this focused history. Libraries with large Jewish collections and strong demand for U.S.-Middle East coverage will find this readable treatment a beneficial addition.

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By Kristin Thoennes
Travel to faraway places with the turn of a page! Young readers grow in cultural understanding as they observe similarities and differences of featured countries' landscapes, geography, economics and cultures. Teaching social studies through vibrant photographs and fascinating information, this beautiful collection of books is a must-have for any library or bookshelf. It's a perfect resource for report writing and teaching units on countries. This book discusses the history, landscape, people, animals, food, sports, and culture of Israel.

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Letters Home from Israel
Experience Israel through the eyes of a young traveler! Includes photos and sections on Jerusalem, Jews and Judaism, Bar Mitzvah and Passover, Muslims, Christians, daily life, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Haifa and Nazareth, River Jordan and the Galilee, Dead Sea and Masada, and Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls.

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I Live in Israel :
A Text and Activity Book

By Max Frankel and Judy Hoffman
A classroom tour of Israel as seen through the eyes of boys and girls who live there. The friendly first-person voices of the fictional Israeli youngsters lead your students on a grand tour. Stops include: King Solomon's Jerusalem and the children who lived there then, Modern-day Haifa and Safed and the children who live there now, Snorkeling in the Red Sea and why we call it "Red", A community in the Negev that uses solar energy, An ancient tunnel in Jerusalem, And much more.

Stops include:
  • King Solomon's Jerusalem--and the children who lived there them
  • Modern-day Haifa and Safed--and the children who live there now
  • Snorkeling in the Red Sea--and why we call it "Red"
  • A community in the Negev that uses solar energy
  • An ancient tunnel in Jerusalem
  • And much more

Word games, puzzles, maps, mazes, and dozens of other activities engage children's imaginations, making their visit come alive.

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Your Travel Guide to Ancient Israel

By Josepha Sherman
Journey to the land of King Solomon, the Dead Sea, and the beginnings of three different religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Float in the Dead Sea or perhaps in a public bath. See the walls of Jericho, the grand palace of Solomon, or take a walk in the desert--just be sure to bring lots of water! Experience what life was like in ancient Israel with this fact-filled travel guide to the past.

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Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Jerusalem

By Diane Slavik
Slavik's excellent text takes a complicated topic and makes it not only understandable but also interesting. Part of the Cities through Time series, the book begins with a brief introduction to Jerusalem, then walks readers through the city's long, varied history. The author starts with the ancient town of Shalem, which may have been settled by Canaanite nomads, and describes what life was like then and later, in 1,000 B.C., when the city became a trade center. Chapters are divided into sections--ancient history, Greek and Roman times, the Ottoman era, modern Jerusalem, etc.^B Each section has several entries, and the clear, crisp writing moves readers along, supplying an overview of the city's importance and details of life during the time. The illustrations are a mix of solid if unexciting original art and well-chosen color and black-and-white photos and historical etchings. A time line and a short bibliography round out this useful offering.

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Jerusalem developed into a powerful trade center and became one of the world's holiest cities, home to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Travel back through time to discover the city that was once the heart of the Jewish kingdom. Rebuilt time and again, Jerusalem has flourished as the heart of ancient Israel, while modern-day Jerusalem is still a vital, prosperous, but war-torn city.

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Children of Israel

By Laurie Grossman
Enter the real lives of children who live in Israel....

Climb through Roman ruins with Yoni, partake in Rawan's Ramadan feast, ride bikes with Shmuel through Jerusalem's Old City and track ibex, wild goats that scale desert cliffs, with Elinor.

This book is a colorful introduction to the wide array of cultures and religions in Israel with profiles of children and families throughout the country. Author and photographer Laurie Grossman illustrates the country's rich history and geographical diversity through breathtaking photographs and compelling text, after spending much time getting to know the children and their lives.

Discover this complex country through the eyes of its children

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This attractive title in the Carolrhoda series "The World's Children" describes Israel from the perspective of different cultural groups. The lifestyle of Ori, who lives in Holon outside of Tel Aviv and wears a key to his apartment around his neck, can be compared to Tadela, an Ethiopian Jew, who lives in a caravanim, a trailer park for new immigrants. Rawan, an Arab Israeli girl celebrates the holiday of Ramadan with her family in Tsur Bahar, while Abba, an Orthodox boy, poses proudly in front of his family's Torah library in Jerusalem. Ethnic foods, such as "hom-homs," the Sephardic dish of fried dough dipped in honey, are described in mouth-watering detail. Each double-page spread is accompanied by large full-color, captioned photographs. The text flows in a smooth narrative, beginning with four pages of historical background that acknowledges Israel as an ancient homeland of the Jews. Holocaust survivors are mentioned as a large group who found refuge in Israel after World War II. While there are no bold subheadings for quick reference, an index leads readers to specific information. Students should enjoy this book as both an informative read and a rich resource for assignments.

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Masada shall not fall again! Both a rallying cry for modern-day Israel and an inspiration to the world, the siege of Masada took place in the first century C.E., when a small group of Jewish rebels defended their lives and their freedom against the overwhelming might of Rome. With his meticulously researched, event-filled text and illustrations that capture the great desert fortress then and now. Neil Waldman dramatizes the ancient story behind the ruins of Masada and the contemporary efforts by archaeologists to uncover its secrets.

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Built by King Herod during the first century B.C.E. as a stronghold to protect himself and his followers from the Romans, the fortress of Masada still stands on top of a steep plateau in the Judean wilderness. Waldman has written a concise account of the escape to Masada of a group of Jewish Zealots and of their valiant stand against the massive, well-equipped Roman legions of the emperor Vespasian. The standoff ended in 71 C.E. when the Roman army forced slaves to build a huge ramp of earth and rocks, pulled an enormous assault tower into position, and overpowered the last remnant of Jewish civilization in the Middle East. The narrative is based on the detailed firsthand account recorded by Josephus Flavius, a young Jewish leader who swore allegiance to the Romans in order to stay alive. Waldman dramatizes the story by adding dialogue-a tactic that gives a fictional quality to the otherwise carefully researched text. Descriptions of the rediscovery and excavation of the site are also included. Dramatic illustrations and two large maps, all in charcoal shades of acrylic and india ink, show realistic scenes, many of them painted from photos, relief sculptures, and artifacts found during the excavation of Masada. This is the only available account for young people of the Roman wars against the Jews of Jerusalem and Masada.

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By Donald J. Zeigler

Welcome to Israel!

By Lilly Rivlin
Reading Welcome to Israel!, children meet Israeli kids their own age, who show them Israel from Tiberias to Eilat and teach them about Israel's history, geography, politics, and culture. Children also see the day-to-day lives of their new Israeli friends, who write e-mails in Hebrew and go hiking in the footsteps of their biblical ancestors.

Welcome to Israel! presents the miracle of the Jewish state with a sense of wonder, humor, and pizzazz. It introduces students to Israel's history; geography; and political, commercial, and cultural life. Israel's struggle to coexist peacefully with its neighbors is presented in a thoughtful and age-appropriate way. The book also tells kids about Israelis their own age: what they do for fun, their favorite sports and foods, and what their schools are like.

Creative and interactive features of Welcome to Israel! keep children fascinated by the wonders of Israel. These engaging elements include probing questions that stimulate critical thinking, map-reading activities that teach Israel's geography, key Hebrew words with English translation, and discussions of Jewish values. Full-color photos, maps, and whimsical illustrations make the excitement of Israel come alive. Biblical quotations deepen the book's historical and spiritual perspectives. Welcome to Israel inspires love of Israel!

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A Young Persons History of Israel

By David Bamberger
How can we explain the enduring pull of Eretz Yisrael? Or communicate the unbreakable bond between the land and Jewish people around the world? Making Israel meaningful to young people growing up in the Diaspora today is a challenge.

This book meets that challenge.

Here is the story of the Jewish people and their homeland, from the biblical period through statehood in 1948, all the way to the Camp David accords and later agreements with neighboring Arab states. This volume, enriched by over 100 photographs, demonstrates the importance of Israel to Jews around the world as a symbol, a refuge, and a homeland.

Topics include: the Land of Israel during the time of Abraham, life under Roman and Muslim rule, the birth of Zionism, the founding of the State of Israel and the War of Independence, Israel today (the only democracy in the Middle East), and profiles of those who shaped Israeli history, from the Maccabees to Yitzhak Rabin

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The Promised Land: The Birth of the Jewish People

By Neil Waldman
Long ago in a part of the world once known as Mesopotamia, a nomadic tribesman led his people through the wilderness in search of a mystical land called Canaan. This journey would change the course of human history. For in the quest to find Canaan lies the origin of the Jewish people. Since that time, entire civilizations have flourished and vanished, along with their religions. Only one people has survived the tumult of the centuries--the Jews. What accounts for their remarkable survival? Some believe it is a strong cultural identity. Others believe it is the Torah, the Five Books of Moses that have guided Jewish life through the ages. Neil Waldman offers another explanation: God's promise of a rich, new land for the descendants of Abraham. It is the promise of Israel that has fed the souls and fired the imaginations of Jews since ancient times. In this heartfelt book, Neil Waldman tells the story of the Jewish people from their arrival in Canaan to the exodus from Egypt. His paintings capture emotional scenes of Jewish life in the ancient world and in Europe. He shows how generation upon generation of Jews, in the face of profound crisis, have drawn strength from God's promise of a land flowing with milk and honey. The key to the Jewish people's survival is found in the story of their birth.

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