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The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein
Eight-year-old David Bernstein thinks his life would be much more exciting if he changed his name, so he does--to Ali Baba Bernstein. Life does seem more exciting as Ali Baba, but David begins to appreciate his uniqueness after he invites all the David Bernsteins in the Manhattan phone book to his birthday party.

Hurray for Ali Baba Bernstein
A sequel to The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein featuring fourth-grader David Bernstein, who prefers to go by the more exotic name, Ali Baba. In these episodic stories, Ali Baba solves the mystery of some missing circus tickets, and questions a man he believes to be Santa Claus on why Jewish children don't receive any gifts from him.

The Adventures of Jeremy and Heddy Levi

By Yaffa Ganz
Jeremy and Heddy are back! And better than ever - with all new illustrations, in one great volume! Yaffa Ganz has updated and revised the riotous, tumultuous, super funny escapades of those lovable Levi children to make them relevant to a new generation of "Yaffa fans."

Description from Publisher

The Very Best Hanukkah Gift

By Joanne Rocklin
Daniel may be the middle child in the Bloom family, but he feels like the baby; his younger sister isn't afraid of the new dog, Rusty, next door, but Daniel is. To make matters worse, the dog's owner has invited the Blooms for Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. Daniel occupies himself before the dreaded visit by making Hanukkah presents for his family. The Blooms retell the ancient holiday story, light the candles, and cook traditional foods. On the night of the visit, Daniel accidentally drops the lucky dreidel he received as a gift. The dog scoops it up and places it at Daniel's feet, an overture of friendship that Daniel tentatively accepts. On the last night of the celebration, an ice storm knocks out the power and the Blooms' invited guests can't come, so they ask the other building residents, including Rusty, to share their Hanukkah meal. With refreshing, believable characters, this engaging story of a boy's fears, a supportive family, and a celebration that reflects traditional values is a great Hanukkah gift in itself.

Description by Booklist

Brookville C.C.
Getting Started (Vol 1)

By Tziporah Elian
Chassi, Leah, Devori, Elisheva, and Yocheved were bursting with energy and filled with fun. Join them in a host of exciting, hilarious, fun-filled adventures.

Description from Publisher

The Violin Players

By Eileen Bluestone Sherman
When her family moves from New York to Missouri, Melissa, a nonpracticing Jew who's never thought much about religion, encounters strong antiSemitism and does not tell anyone she is Jewish. When another Jewish student at school is attacked, Melissa stands up for him and decides to learn more about her religion.

from Horn Book

A moving account of a teenage girl's growing awareness that neither Judaism nor friendship should be taken for granted.

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Jewish Detective Stories for Kids By Dvora Waysman
Detective stories featuring kids that other kids can identify with. These youngsters just can't leave well-enough alone. Inevitably, the more curious they become, the more trouble they get into.

Description from Publisher

The Fools of Chelm and Their History
A satirical look at the residents of Chelm, the legendary Yiddish town of fools.

Description from Publisher

It is always a pleasure to read something by I.B.Singer. Although this short tale is recommended for ages 9-12, it is certainly also addressed to any age beyond. The tale is a delightful satire of society´s political and ideological systems, in may aspects a short version of George Orwell´s "Animal Farm."

Description from customer review

Zlateh the Goat And Other Stories

By Isaac Bashevis Singer
Chelm is a village of fools. The most famous fools - the oldest and the greatest - are the seven Elders. But there are lesser fools too: a silly irresponsible bridgegroom; four sisters who mix up their feet in bed one night; a young man who images himself dead. Here are seven magical folktales, spun by a master storyteller, that speaks of fools, devils, shlemiels, and even heroes - like Zlateh the goat.

Description from Publisher
What Happened to Heather Hopkowitz?
What Happened to Heather Hopkowitz?
Fourteen-year-old Heather Hopkowitz can't imagine life without bacon, cheeseburgers, or bowling on Friday nights. But that's what happens when she spends an entire month as the guest of an Orthodox Jewish family while her parents are away on vacation. As Heather begins to appreciate the traditional rituals, she considers becoming observant. What will her friends think? What will her parents think?

description by publisher

The Diamond Tree :
Jewish Tales from Around the World

By Howard Schwartz and Barbara Rush
A witch who can turn children into diamonds, a prince who thinks he's a rooster, a giant who hitches a ride on Noah's ark--they're all here in this compilation of Jewish folktales, a rich mix of magic and mysticism, prophets, wise men, and fools.

Savta Simcha and the Cinnamon Tree
The Jewish "Mary Poppins"

The further adventures of Savta Simcha, Uncle Nechemya, and the orphan boy Ezra who comes to live with them in their little stone house in Jerusalem.

Description from Publisher

Savta Simcha and the Seven Splendid Gifts
The Jewish "Mary Poppins"

Join in Savta Simcha's unusual shopping spree in the Land of Israel!

Description from Publisher

Savta Simcha, Uncle Nechemya, and the Very Strange Stone in the Garden
The Jewish "Mary Poppins"

A stone with unusual powers leads Savta Simcha and friends on an adventure-filled journey.

Description from Publisher

Savta Simcha is a very special woman. She is old, but she acts very young. She does very unusual things which people don't normally do (unless they are like Savta Simcha!) It's a book about a Jewish woman and Jewish children in Israel, but I think that that children anywhere would enjoy it. I did. A lot! In fact, I liked all the Savta Simcha books.

Description from Customer Review
Pink Slippers, Bat Mitzvah Blues
Pink Slippers, Bat Mitzvah Blues

By Ferida Wolff
Alyssa has become an adult, according to Judaism; since she has completed her Bat Mitzvah, she is expected to make her own decisions. And, instead of joining the temple's confirmation class, concentrating on schoolwork or socializing with friends, Alyssa chooses to pursue her dance lessons. Her priorities shift, however, when her best friend Ellen becomes ill, and when Alyssa's Jewish identity becomes more important to her. Alyssa realizes that a delicate balance between avocation and responsibility can exist if she is strong enough to make difficult decisions. Readers will enjoy the universal conflicts Wolff eloquently delineates; her characters are well realized and lend additional credibility to the story

Description by Publisher's Weekly

With her Bat Mitzvah behind her, thirteen-year-old Alyssa is free to concentrate on her first love - ballet. When her best friend becomes seriously ill and withdrawn, Alyssa has to decide what her priorities really are. This well-plotted story with a believable and satisfying happy ending deals with the pressures that face young people who want to make a career in the performing arts.

Description from Horn Book

Heart & Soul

By Liz Rosenberg
Moving through her days like a vapor, seventeen-year-old Willie Steinberg sees the world in shades of blue. Her father is away from home more than ever, and her mother drinks a lot. Even Willie's beloved music--Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin--holds no joy. Nothing seems to penetrate the dull feeling of malaise. Willie can't manage to shake off. Nothing, that is except Malachi Gelb. He has no manners, and homely is too mild a word to describe him. Malachi is everthing Willie despises--but he may be the only true friend she has.

Description from Publisher

The consummate self-conscious outsider, Willie is having an identity crisis that has plummeted her into depression. Neither parent is much help: her dad is never home, and her mother seems barely able to take care of herself. It is only when Willie reluctantly becomes involved in helping prickly, troubled Malachi, a Jewish schoolmate with a chip on his shoulder, that she is able to see a clear path for herself. The first-person narrative, by turns vague and inspired, plunges readers into Willie's melancholy and confusion, but it's really Malachi who is the novel's strongest character. He is as much (perhaps even more) an outsider as Willie, and his prickly personality makes for some explosive scenes. This is an ambitious book, with many themes vying for attention--parent-child relationships, divorce, religious and class prejudice, self-esteem. But because most of them remain only partly developed, it will be patient readers who will be this novel's best audience.

Description from Booklist

I was afraid this was going to be yet another Problem Novel. No way. Instead, I'm not sure what to call it (the best books are like that), but I'm certainly glad I followed Willie around through her dark days and bright nights, to an oddly beautiful ending, if not resolution.

Description from The New York Times Book Review

Mystery of the Coins

By Chaya M. Burstein
Burstein cleverly has interwoven historical stories with suspense in this mystery that will sustain the interest of young readers. When Jamie and Sarah find a package of coins in the false bottom of an old trunk, they, with the help of a coin history book and a book of Jewish history, solve the mystery of their Uncle Otto's coins. Each of the coins coincides with a period of Jewish history, and each has a story of its own. The framing story is lively, with likable characters, and the historical stories are well constructed individually as well as providing a unified whole. Sources for all of the coins, which are aptly illustrated, are appended. A delightful and unusual book.

Description from School Library Journal

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