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TANAKH: The Holy Scriptures

The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text

(Student Edition)
Regarded throughout the English-speaking world as the standard English translation of the Holy Scriptures, the Tanakh has been acclaimed by scholars, rabbis, lay leaders, Jews, and Christians alike. This translation (1985) represents more than a quarter of a century of intense collaboration between rabbis and scholars from the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform streams of Judaism working side by side with scholars in the Semitic languages and biblical studies. The translators consulted the most ancient texts and the most modern commentaries in undertaking the awesome responsibility of preparing a text that would become a standard for the community. The Torah, Prophets (Nevi'im), and Writings (Kethuvim) are here in a single volume, incorporating the latest revisions.

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Jewish Kids' Catalog
Jewish Kids' Catalog
Everything a kid wants to know about being Jewish. It's a fun-filled illustrated look at key people and events in Jewish history, at holidays and customs; origins of Jewish names, and much more.

Tell It from the Torah
(Two-Volume Set)

By Gedalia Peterseil
Each chapter of this two-volume work includes:
  • A succinct synopsis of the weekly Torah reading
  • Rabbinic interpretations
  • Open-ended questions
  • An original D'var Torah for the Shabbat table
  • Gemmatria - the numerical value of words
  • How the Haftarah relates to the Torah reading
  • A short humorous anecdote on the Torah reading
  • The sources, customs and laws of the Jewish Holidays

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Tell It From the Torah:
B'rashit - Shemot

(Volume 1: Genesis/Exodus plus Hanukkah and Purim)

By Gedalia Peterseil
A sort of "Cliffs Notes" for the Bible, this paperback contains summaries of the main events in the first two books of the Bible. Each synopsis is followed by sections called Wisdom of the Sages (pearls of wisdom), Table Talk (for family discussion), Gemmatria (hidden meanings solved through numerical code), Food for Thought (questions to ask yourself), Tell It With a Smile (a joke), and The Haftarah Connection (a link to that week's reading from the prophets). Strictly traditional in outlook, the book is also a lot of fun with emphasis on that buzzword of today: values. Both parents and children will enjoy keeping up with the parashah, the portion of the Torah read each week in synagogue.

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Tell It from the Torah:
Va'yikra, B'midbar, Devarim

(Volume 2: Leviticus/Numbers/Deuteronomy plus Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Pesach, Shavuot)
Divided into seven sections, each section of this book deals with the weekly Torah chapters read in the Synagogue. Each chapter includes a summary of the Torah reading, Rabbinic pearls of wisdom, questions and concepts, and an analysis of the numerical value of Biblical words. "Tell It From the Torah" prepares readers to give a short talk on the weekly Torah reading and provides anecdotes relating to the topic.

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This volume, the second of two paperback "Cliffs Notes" of the Bible, contains summaries of the main events in the third, fourth and fifth books of The Five Books of Moses (see earlier review of Books One and Two). This traditionally-correct volume is loaded with fun-filled facts, jokes and puzzles for youngsters. We also learn about the many complicated laws of the ancient Hebrews regarding sacrifices, kosher food, ethical behavior, relationships with G-d, and whatever else it takes to mold a people into a nation. When the first census is taken, the five daughters of Tzelofchod are granted their father's inheritance (since there were no sons), thus paving the way for women's right to own property. Joshua is designated to succeed Moses; and the famous story of the talking donkey makes its appearance. There's much more-adults will enjoy this book every bit as much as the youngsters, who will certainly try out the number puzzles (Gemmatria) on their unsuspecting parents and teachers.

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Daughters of Fire

By Fran Manushkin
Manushkin (Miriam's Cup: A Passover Story) brings to the women of the Hebrew Bible the richness and complexity of the wider Jewish traditions preserved in the Talmud, Midrash and other sources. From Eve to Esther, these heroines demonstrate not so much a sense of girl power or feminism in the contemporary sense, but rather an often fierce combination of courage, passion, faith and human frailty. These women shine with the grace of G-d yet also manifest flashes of anger, jealousy, deceit or doubt. Readers will respond not only to these powerful characterizations but to the enhanced details of the storytelling. Here, for example, Adam is created with two faces, "female on one side, and male on the other." When God realizes that Adam needs a mate, he removes one of Adam's sides and fashions Eve. Later, God chastises Adam for blaming Eve after he eats the forbidden fruit. The author skillfully links the majority of her stories via characters and settings, allowing them to flow smoothly as one large, colorful history. Caldecott Medalist Shulevitz (The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship) contributes a series of elegant, jewel-toned full-page illustrations, as well as spot art. In mixed-media compositions (he uses watercolor, pen-and-ink, and what appears to be woodblock printing), his figures seem softer-edged than usual, and the focus more diffused. His art, like the storytelling, startles the audience into fresh insights and appreciation.

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Women of the Bible have been the theme of several books in the past few years, and this is one of the best. Manushkin includes the stories of many of the expected personages, such as Eve, Sarah, and Ruth, as well as some lesser-known ones-Hannah, Deborah, and Yael-and even the women of the Exodus and of the Wilderness. The author's lyrical, slightly old-fashioned writing fits her topic. She avoids modern expressions that would be intrusive to the subject matter, and her choice of stories is quite successful. The color illustrations, done in a mixed media that includes painting and collage, are a bit strange at times; for example, Adam is almost animalistic looking, and the eyes of several figures are so darkly outlined as to be almost disturbing. However, at their best the pictures extend the text well, and at their worst they do not overly detract from it. Altogether, this is a worthwhile work on a topic that is in high demand but not always as successfully presented.

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Young Heroes of the Bible :
A Book for Family Sharing

By Kirk Douglas
If ever a book seemed designed to appeal to grandparents, this is it, from the fancy jacket with its solemn inset illustration of David to the octogenarian celebrity author. Happily, kids should like it, too. Douglas proves himself a much better storyteller here than in his previous children's work, The Broken Mirror, perhaps because this time he is working from a script--accounts from the Bible and Midrash of the childhood deeds of Abraham, Rebecca, Joseph, Miriam and David. Douglas keeps the characters appealingly lifelike even as he drives home their extraordinary contributions and virtues. He treats the biblical setting to contemporary embellishments that make the stories more accessible. For example, when Abraham poses skeptical questions about idols, his teacher tells him, "Keep quiet, or you will have to stay after school." (Similarly, Abraham's father, the owner of the biggest idol shop in Ur, has a sign reading, "We have a god for every occasion").

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Daughters of Eve :
Strong Women of the Bible

By Lillian Hammer Ross
Drawing on ancient sources for her dramatic and intimate retellings, Lillian Hammer Ross brings to life the inspirational tales of some of the most famous Jewish women of the Bible and the Apocrypha: Miriam, Zipporah, The Daughters of Zelophehad, Ruth, Abigail, Huldah, Judith, and Esther. Illustrator Kyra Teis has created richly evocative and stylised images. Each entry includes an introduction which sets it in its historical context, and the book is supplemented by detailed notes.

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In her introduction, Ross says she set out to imagine the feelings and actions of the biblical women portrayed in this book. The goal was met admirably. The reader feels Miriam's sorrow when her baby brother Moses goes to live in the palace; Zipporah's joy at her wedding to Moses; Abigail's disgust at the drunkenness of her husband, Nabal. The first three chapters are intertwined, recalling the early life of Moses through the eyes of his sister, Miriam, and his wife, Zipporah. Later chapters depict individual heroines such as Ruth, Judith, and Esther. With empathy, Ross portrays a biblical woman's role in patriarchal society. For example, Abigail, Ruth, and Esther are forced to marry men against their wishes. Yet they manage to reclaim control of their lives through courage, faith, and a loving nature. Elegant, often haunting illustrations created with acrylic paint and collage paper bring each story to vivid life. The pages are gracefully bordered with earth tone designs. A full bibliography, including page numbers, provides all that is needed to check these imagined biographies against original sources. Visually and textually, this is an impressive package.

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The Gift of Wisdom :
The Books of Prophets and Writings

By Steven E. Steinbock

Teacher's Guide Also Available
This follow up to the very popular Torah textbook Torah, the Growing Gift, introduces students to the prophets, kings, judges, poets, warriors, heroes, and villains of the books of Prophets and Writings.

Using text excerpts, this book familiarizes students with the historical background and the literary aspects of Prophets and Writings. It also includes questions designed to encourage students to look for lessons in the texts that apply to their lives. Wonderfully illustrated in both color and black and white, this book is the perfect addition to your Bible curriculum.

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David : A Biography

By Barbara Cohen
Well-known and respected children's author Barbara Cohen has written a compelling biography of David, from his slaying of Goliath through his persecution by King Saul and his ascension to the throne of a newly united Israel. Recasting the biblical narrative in modern language, Ms. Cohen creates a multifaceted, colorful, and very human figure-David the soldier, politician, administrator, lover, father, poet, and religious leader. Her carefully researched account draws on today's knowledge of archaeology, history, politics, and psychology, and discusses David's continuing influence on religious beliefs and on the folklore of many peoples.

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I Believe :
The Thirteen Principles of Faith :
A Confirmation Textbook

By Rabbi Ronald H. Isaacs and Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky
A Book For Confirmation Students This volume, based on Maimonides' famous Thirteen Principles of Faith, will afford teens an opportunity to explore their own personal beliefs as related to a variety of topics. It is filled with exciting experiential exercises and thoughtful questions to help stimulate discussion. Topics include: G-d, the prophets, the truth of the Torah, reward and punishment, the Messiah and life after death.

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A Torah Commentary for Our Times

By Harvey J. Fields

(Boxed Set Edition)

Also Available as Separate Volumes:
Volume 1: Genesis
Volume 2: Exodus and Leviticus
Volume 3: Genesis
A provocative approach to the weekly Sidrah, juxtaposing the insights of ancient, medieval, and modern commentators (including the author). Perfect for both beginning Torah students of all ages and scholars seeking new angles on the text. The three volumes are available individually or as a handsome three-volume boxed set, ideal for a bar or bat mitzvah or confirmation gift.

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American Torah Toons
Lawrence Bush has created a provocative collection of collages, each illuminating an aspect of the weekly Torah portion from a unique perspective. Each story is just one page, and is thematically linked to one of the 54 "portions" into which Judaism divides the Torah (Bible) for weekly study. The Akedah, the Sacrifice of Isaac, becomes an episode of child abuse on an Amtrak train; the golden calf becomes Madonna; Moses becomes Harriet Tubman; the Burning Bush takes root in a shopping mall. Incorporating photos, drawings, text, and pop iconography, the images are sometimes satirical, sometimes poignant, sometimes laughable, but always insightful and thought-provoking.

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The Jewish Kid's Catalog of Bible Treasures
Travel back in time to the ancient land of the Bible and learn how stories and customs from the Bible are part of our lives today. Award-winning author Chaya Burstein takes young readers on an exciting tour of one of the world's most treasured books. Inside you'll find a wealth of material, including: * A day in the life of a kid in ancient times * Archeological digs for Bible detectives * Bible recipes, crafts, and projects * Quizzes, brain teasers, jokes, and more Chaya Burstein provides young readers with a unique understanding of how the Bible continues to influence our lives today: from the names that we're given (David, Ben, Miriam, Rebecca, etc.) to the names of the places where we live (Bethel, Zion, Jericho); from the movies or plays that we watch (The Prince of Egypt) to the songs that we sing ("Go Down Moses"). And it's all illustrated with beautiful drawings, maps, and photographs.

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Pirkei Avos - Illustrated Youth Edition
This book brings timeless wisdom to a new generation. Designed for youngsters to bring a classic to life. Large (8-1/2" x 11") page size, complete Hebrew text, simplified translation and commentary, sturdy binding and stain-resistant cover. The full-color illustrations and comments are carefully chosen to teach the lessons of the Mishnah. Your child will treasure this book and read it over and over again.

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A Bridge to Our Tradition: Pirkei Avot

By Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz
Organized thematically, this text by noted educator and author Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz provides students the opportunity to study a selection of essential rabbinic texts.

The Hebrew of all texts is included with wonderful translations to encourage full student participation. The methodology stresses a cooperative chevruta learning style.

A Bridge to Tradition looks at the Pirkei Avot text with three questions in mind:
  1. What are the character traits that help define who we are as individuals?
  2. What are the ways we can interact positively with others?
  3. What are our responsibilities to improve the world?
This approach helps students navigate the complicated journey of Jewish character development. In addition, they will learn the important task of asking questions of the text. With a complete copy of the text of Pirkei Avot and a glossary included, and an accompanying teacher's guide available, this title is a new and indispensable addition to your curriculum.

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Teacher's Guide Also Available

A Bridge to Prayer :
The Jewish Worship Workbook

By Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz

Volume 1: G-d, Prayer, and the Shema

Volume 2: The Amidah, Torah Service, and Concluding Prayers
These books are designed to familiarize young people with the fundamental prayers of our heritage and the order of the Jewish worship service. Young readers can explore the morning and evening services held on Shabbat and weekdays, while gaining an in-depth introduction to various concepts of God, prayer, righteousness, repentance, and redemption. These concepts are immediately reinforced through exercises that accompany the text.

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Teacher's Guide Also Available

The Exodus:
Moses' Story from the Bible
It is one of the greatest stories of all time. And even though the epic drama of Moses took place more than 3,500 years ago, it continues to thrill and teach us important lessons today. Now you can experience Moses' story as written in the first fourteen chapters of Exodus from the Bible. Surrounding the text are powerful illustrations from the DreamWorks animated film, The Prince of Egypt, as well as spiritual insights from best-selling author Charles Swindoll.

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Be Not Far from Me :
The Oldest Love Story :
Legends from the Bible
"Epic" is indeed the word for this compelling version of humankind's search for the one G-d of Abraham, begun thousands of years ago and extending to our own times. The Bible and Midrash (legend) stories spell out this yearning through the familiar tales of Moses, David, Miriam and others well or lesser known. Each chapter details the heroics as well as the human failures of these role models of the Western world. The language is quite faithful to the original Hebrew but flows seamlessly so that, while there is a noticeable cadence, there is no stiffness or archaic tone to the stories. Instead, grouped as they are into several sections, they offer a birds-eye view of the Five Books of Moses and the Prophets and carry us from the first hints of an unseen God to a thoughtful prologue about our world today. A few maps are included at the end to help ground the reader. This book is highly recommended-an adventure in reading that will be a boon to religious schools as well as to individual young readers and their families.

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The Book of Tens
This book looks at the symbolism of the number ten in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, Jewish mysticism, legend, folklore, and worship. Examples include the ten wonders of the first day of creation, ten generations from Adam to Noah, ten miracles performed for the Children of Israel at the Red Sea, the Ten Commandments, and ten lost tribes.

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The number ten is important in many facets of Jewish history, religion, and custom-ten people in a minyan, ten sages martyred by Rome, ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, for example-and the number ten symbolizes perfection and completeness. With a total of twenty-two instances of the use of "ten", Mark Podwal makes this book comes full circle, beginning and ending with the fact that with ten words G-d can create a world. In his introduction, Podwal cites many more instances of Ten than he has room to illustrate, making the reader hungry for more. The illustrations are beautiful. The book is fascinating, and not just for observant Jews.

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Sidrah Stories:
A Torah Companion

By Steven M. Rosman
A collection of Jewish stories, including original tales and adaptations from the Midrash, the Talmud, and the Chasidic masters, based on the weekly portions from the Torah.

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And You Shall Teach Them to Your Sons :
Biblical Tales for Fathers and Sons
For generations, men have passed down Jewish tradition, culture, and values. With the growth of the Jewish feminist movement over the last three decades, the borders between traditional male and female roles have been altered. As women have broken ground in the traditionally masculine arenas--becoming rabbis, mohelets, and cantors and increasingly taking on congregational leadership--Jewish men need to redefine their own role in Jewish life, now and for the future.

A unique tool for facilitating discussion groups or for one-on-one study, And You Shall Teach Them to Your Sons is a provocative resource for men of all ages, as well as a bridge between generations. Rabbi Tuffs retells more than fifteen biblical tales, recapturing a male perspective and providing archetypal models for discovery of a uniquely Jewish masculine voice.

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Joshua in the Promised Land

By Miriam Chaikin
A vivid retelling of the Bible story of Joshua, who as the successor to Moses was commanded by God to lead the Israelites in their conquest of Canaan, the Promised Land.

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A good starting point for a discussion of the Bible and biblical times.

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Our Sacred Texts :
Discovering the Jewish Classics

By Ellen Singer
This textbook introduces students to the Five Books of Moses, the Prophets, the Writings, Mishnah and Gemara (Talmud), the Midrash, and selected medieval Jewish literature. Studies are reinforced by lively questions and activities related to each passage.

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Teacher's Guide Also Available

Angels, Prophets, Rabbis and Kings from the Stories of the Jewish People

By Jose Patterson
This volume presents stories from the Hebrew Bible (the creation, the flood, the patriarchs, the Exodus, heroes and heroines, kings and prophets); the Talmud; legends from the Middle Ages; stories of rabbis and miracles; tales of Purim and Hanukkah; and mystical tales of messianic longing and Paradise.

A handsome, well-made book. Written in a conversational tone with sufficient dialogue for children to identify with the characters, it's a smoothly written collection of traditional and folk literature from the Jewish heritage, peopled by fools and wise men, honest men and tricksters, princesses and kings, rabbis and sages. While many favorites are included, there are also lesser-known selections. The stories are divided into 13 groups; each group is introduced by an explanation about the source and the meaning behind the tales. Very little, if any, adaptation is needed for storytelling use. The book is magnificently illustrated in both full color and black and white. No other collection on this topic is as lively or as attractive.

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Bible Legends :
An Introduction to Midrash

By Lillian S. Freehof


Collecting some of the most appealing and well-known legends from the Talmud and Midrash, editor Howard Schwartz provides introductory notes to stories selected from Lillian Freehof's groundbreaking study of Jewish legends for children.


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Learning Torah :
A Self-Guided Journey through the Layers of Jewish Learning

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
Learning Torah is divided into ten modules, each of which analyzes the Torah in a different manner. Students will learn the meaning of Torah and how to read, translate, and understand it.

This study guide for the Torah which can be used as a classroom text or a self-study resource and which has pre- and post-tests, discovery activities, and worksheets.

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You Be the Judge :
A Collection of Ethical Cases and Jewish Answers
A judge forbids an expert witness from wearing his kippah in court because it makes him look too credible and it may influence the jury. A fourteen year-old transplant recipient wants to go off his medication and die because the side effects are too painful. American doctors wonder if they can use Nazi medical research gathered by the torturing of Jewish prisoners in order to save the lives of American pilots. The children of Sol Gordon want to violate his dying wishes in order to move his charitable pledge from the recipient he indicated to a recipient they believe is more “ethical.”

Each of these cases is drawn from the headlines. Here are real or realistic ethical problems that are submitted to the test of “Jewish Law” in order to find “the right solution.” This book contains more than fifty cases and the Jewish responses to each case. It is perfect for both the dinner table and the classroom. Here is a chance to share values, discuss ethics, and take a first look into the Talmud, the codes, and the wisdom of the Jewish legal process.

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The Money in the Honey: A Midrash About Young David, Future King of Israel

By Aidel Backman
When a wealthy widow, Rochel, living in King Saul’s Israel, prepares for a long, distant journey, she faces one dilemma: where to safely hide her fortune of gold coins while she’s away. Rochel’s clever solution? To hide away her money in large jars of golden honey! But her plan backfires when she later finds all her coins stolen. What’s worse, is that the thief turns out to be a trusted friend!

Who will save Rochel from ruin? Where can she turn for help?

In The Money in the Honey, a classic Midrashic tale adapted for young children, the story of Rochel and her adventures with legendary biblical figures while trying to recover her fortune comes alive.

In her travels to and from ancient Jerusalem, Rochel encounters a young shepherd in a field—a mere boy—who ultimately is the only one who can solve the mystery of how to prove that Rochel did indeed fill honey jars with her life’s fortune.

Rochel’s hero, it turns out, is none other than a wise and courageous young David, future King of the Israelites! In this appealing story, young readers are introduced to him as an unknown lad, during the time of his first meeting with king Saul.

Specially adapted for young readers, ages 7-10, this is an exciting book for children ready to tackle their first short story on their own.

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Listen to the Trees :
Jews and the Earth
Listen To The Trees looks to the Torah for its environmental wisdom. Through quotations, sayings and stories, Molly Cone gives young readers an inspiring view of the jewish connection to the natural world. Listen To The Trees presents Torah teachings that have made responsibility for caring for the earth an important part of Judaism from its very beginning. Roy Doty's charming illustrations enhance the value of Listen To The Trees as an informative and engaging book of interest to any young reader with a concern for nature and our environment.

Description from Midwest Book Review

Drugs, Sex, and Integrity:
What Does Judaism Say
This book is an excellent learning tool for all readers, especially young adults, encountering Jewish law for the first time. Dilemmas pertaining to alcoholism, sex, integrity, and Jewish religious values are presented. Biblical, Talmudic, and Reform responses are given.

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Joseph's Wardrobe

By Paul J. Citrin

Teacher's Guide Also Available
King Solomon's fleet commander narrates the story of his mission to bring personal belongings of Joseph remaining in Egypt after his death to Israel where they can be enjoyed by Joseph's descendants.

In this modern midrash, an adventure set in the time of King Solomon, Paul Citrin explores five essential values of concern to Jews today: compassion, freedom, justice, identity, and community.

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The Twenty-Two Gates to the Garden

By Steven M. Rosman
Twenty-two illustrated stories of Jewish mysticism for children.

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The Mini "A Midrash and a Maaseh"

By Hanoch Teller

(2 Volume, Boxed Set)
A new, illustrated anthology of stories in prose and rhyme on the weekly Torah portion, for children and the entire family. Entertaining, amusing, and enriching.

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A Topical Bible :
Biblical Answers to Modern Questions

By Naomi E. Pasachoff
Did you know that the moral framework found in the Bible can offer practical guidance to real-life issues confronting today's young people? A Topical Bible uses biblical texts to guide students as they wrestle with real-life social and ethical problems. Each chapter presents a major contemporary issue and examines it through the lens of the Bible. The engaging stories are illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs and whimsical cartoons. Step-by-step questions guide students through the text and demonstrate its relevance to modern life.

Contents include Repairing a Damaged Relationship (Jacob's Reconciliation with Esau; Joseph and His Brothers), Accepting Personal Responsibility (The Tree of Knowledge; David and Bathsheba), Questioning Authority (Abraham and the Cities of the Plain; Job), Sexual Equality (The Creation of Humankind; The Daughters of Zelophehad), Identifying with the Suffering of Others (The Awakening of Moses; Esther), Welcoming Change and Challenge (Moses and the Burning Bush; King Saul), and A Time for Action (Crossing the Sea of Reeds; Deborah and the Canaanites)

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Meet Our Sages

By Jacob Neusner
A systematic approach to Oral Torah for the intermediate grades, this book explains the origins of the Mishnah and Talmud and conveys the timeless wisdom of the sages. Students will discover how Hillel recited the whole Torah while standing on one foot. Stories are printed in both Hebrew and English.

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Learn Mishnah

By Jacob Neusner
Students will experience the text just as Jews have studied it for nearly 2,000 years. Features twelve key passages from the Mishnah that carry special significance for today's students. Each excerpt is given in both Hebrew and English.

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Learn Talmud

By Jacob Neusner
A direct presentation of key passages from the Talmud that are especially meaningful to young people. Every passage is examined on two levels--what is says and what it means. Quotations are given in both Hebrew and English.

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The Book of Jewish Belief
The sum total of what students should know about Jewish faith and values--presented here by one of the great theologians of our time. Reading Jacobs is like comparing notes with a wise friend who has wrestled with the same questions that have troubled you. Twenty-seven chapters include: What Is Judaism?, Belief in G-d, The Chosen People, Talmud and Midrash, Jewish Philosophy, The Festivals, Tallit Tefillin Mezuzah, The Holocaust, The State of Israel, Jewish Ethics, Marriage and the Family, and The Hereafter

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Listen to the Trees :
Jews and the Earth

By Molly Cone

Teacher's Edition Also Available
Listen To The Trees looks to the Torah for its environmental wisdom. Through quotations, sayings and stories, Molly Cone gives young readers an inspiring view of the Jewish connection to the natural world. Listen To The Trees presents Torah teachings that have made responsibility for caring for the earth an important part of Judaism from its very beginning. Roy Doty's charming illustrations enhance the value of Listen To The Trees as an informative and engaging book of interest to any young reader with a concern for nature and our environment.

Description from Midwest Book Review

The Book of Jewish Practice
A companion volume to The Book of Jewish Belief, this encyclopedic, user-friendly guide sets faith into action.

Step-by-step instructions to living a Jewish life--from one of our greatest theologians.

A comprehensive and practical guide to Jewish beliefs in action. From holiday observance to kashrut, from ethical business practices to the Jewish reverence for life. Jacobs also addresses the milestones of the Jewish life cycle from birth to yahrtzeit. Twenty chapters include: Study of the Torah, Charity and Benevolence, Ethical Standards, Ritual Objects, Marriage, Birth and Education, Honoring Parents, Death and Mourning, The Dietary Laws, and Prayers & Blessings.

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Women of the Bible :
The Stories of Rebekah, Hannah, and Esther

By Carine MacKenzie

Teasers Twisters Stumpers :
A Bookful of Tricky Torah Riddles

By Yaffa Ganz
Rhyming, brightly designed, fun-filled riddles about people, places and holiday themes.

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Being Torah :
A First Book of Torah Texts

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
A collection of stories, commentaries, and exercises based on the Biblical books of Genesis and Exodus.

Being Torah is a tool for involving 3rd through 5th graders in the process of Torah study. With Being Torah, students become biblical commentators. They learn to close-read texts, and find hidden clues, surprising connections, and secret patterns. Using all this information and their own sense of what is right and true, they then suggest their own interpretations and explanations. Being Torah offers an opportunity to let your students begin a lifelong relationship with the Torah.

Being Torah is bound with a stitched binding that makes it a virtually indestructible textbook—a real investment for your school.

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By Beatrice Gormley
Miriam, the sister of Moses, comes center stage in this novel about the life of the Hebrews in the land of the pharaohs. Although the events of the familiar biblical story of Moses in the bulrushes is here, this is really a coming-of-age novel. Miriam arranges for her baby brother, Moses, to be found by the pharaoh's daughter after a decree that Hebrew male babies will be killed. She then makes sure that her mother will be Moses' wet nurse, and that she, too, will live in the palace. But as Miriam becomes more enamored of palace life, she begins to lose both her gift of second sight and her allegiance to her people. Given the opportunity to live at the palace indefinitely after her mother must leave, Miriam has to decide which life is more important. The book's structure is initially jarring; some chapters are told in the first person from Miriam's viewpoint, others in the third person from the perspective of the princess' lady-in-waiting. But once readers adapt, they will enjoy the biblical setting and appreciate Miriam as a strong heroine. Miriam's ability to see into the future gives the story an extra dimension that also will appeal.

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Miriam, the sister of Moses, comes center stage in this novel about the life of the Hebrews in the land of the pharaohs. Although the events of the familiar biblical story of Moses in the bulrushes is here, this is really a coming-of-age novel. Miriam arranges for her baby brother, Moses, to be found by the pharaoh's daughter after a decree that Hebrew male babies will be killed. She then makes sure that her mother will be Moses' wet nurse, and that she, too, will live in the palace. But as Miriam becomes more enamored of palace life, she begins to lose both her gift of second sight and her allegiance to her people. Given the opportunity to live at the palace indefinitely after her mother must leave, Miriam has to decide which life is more important. The book's structure is initially jarring; some chapters are told in the first person from Miriam's viewpoint, others in the third person from the perspective of the princess' lady-in-waiting. But once readers adapt, they will enjoy the biblical setting and appreciate Miriam as a strong heroine. Miriam's ability to see into the future gives the story an extra dimension that also will appeal.

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By Carol L. Fitzpatrick
A long time ago in Israel, G-d chose a woman named Deborah to be the judge of Israel. She relied on G-d's help for every decision and now G-d wants her to lead His people to battle. How can they fight the massive army? Will she trust G-d?

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Remarkable Jewish Women
Remarkable Jewish Women:
Rebels, Rabbis, and Other Women from Biblical Times to the Present
This updated, expanded, and more user-friendly version of the authors' Written Out of History (Bloch, 1978; o.p.) contains over 80 brief biographies, chronologically arranged. Introductory and background material is provided for each period. Coverage is impressively wide-ranging. Although some figures do not receive full entries, they are mentioned in other entries and listed in the index. Some of the subjects will be well known to readers familiar with Jewish history: Gluckel of Hameln, Dona Gracia Nasi, Rebecca Gratz, Hannah Szenes, Golda Meir, and Betty Friedan. Other entries introduce important but neglected personalities. Several heroines of the Holocaust are profiled. A major theme is women's role in religion. The handsome illustrations include numerous black-and-white photos from various archives and private collections, making this edition more accessible and visually appealing. This update highlights more current figures, placing particular emphasis on female rabbis and Talmudic scholars.

From School Library Journal

Introduction to Jewish History:
From Abraham to the Sages
(Volume 1)

By Seymour Rossel
This book provides an effortless transition from childhood Bible tales to purposeful study of the Jewish past. Simple stories present the highlights of Jewish history from the age of the patriarchs to the destruction of the Second Temple, and from the Bar Kochba rebellion to the completion of the Talmud. Children will grasp the historical continuity essential to the development of a confident Jewish identity. Includes a handy, at-a-glance historical timeline. Illustrated with photographs and artwork.

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We Want Life:
A Pictorial Guide to the Laws of Loshon Hora and Rechilus

By Yisroel Greenwald
The Laws of loshon hora can be challenging, but they can also be fun to learn. And the best proof is: We Want Life, written by Yisroel Greenwald and illustrated by Getzel. Just wait until you flip through the pages of this wonderful and exciting book . . . your eyes may bulge almost as wide as the cartoon characters depicted within, because in We Want Life - every lesson, on every page - really does come vividly to life. We Want Life is a delightful and dynamic blend of informative text, cartoon illustrations, and lively dialogue. But make no mistake: the cartoons and dialogue may grab your attention and make you smile, but this is a no-nonsense, practical approach to a difficult and delicate subject. We Want Life carefully examines and discusses all aspects of loshon hora and rechilus . . . but in a way you can easily relate to, understand, and appreciate. Here is a book that readers of all ages will benefit from and enjoy. Plus:it's an ideal text to learn with others - parents and children, teachers and students, counselors and campers - everyone will find that We Want Life is that one-of-a-kind book . . . the kind that everyone loves to learn. So if you're looking for that special sefer to take along with you on a summer outing, to summer camp, or summer vacation, or even if you just plan on hanging around the house - you'll find that We Want Life - is not only a joy to look at, but a joy to read. We Want Life It's the book that will have you talking - in a good way - all summer long!

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Book of Miracles
The Book of Miracles :
A Young Person's Guide to Jewish Spiritual Awareness
From one of today's most innovative and creative theologians comes a book to introduce children to a way of spiritual thinking. Revealing the essence of Judaism in a language they can understand and enjoy, "The Book of Miracles" combines Talmud, midrash, mystical and biblical stories to help readers make and treasure the connections between traditional sources and modern living.

Great Jewish Thinkers: Their Lives and Work

By Naomi E. Pasachoff
An introduction to Jewish thinking anyone can read. This unique volume mixes biography, history, and philosophy, to present the lives and work of 16 seminal Jewish thinkers including Maimonides, Isaac Luria, the Baal Shem Tov, Theodor Herzl, Leo Baeck, Abraham Isaac Kook, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and Mordecai Kaplan.

A concluding chapter presents current trends in Jewish thought, with contributions from contemporary figures including Eugene Borowitz, Cynthia Ozick, Rachel Adler, Judith Plaskow, Elie Wiesel, and many others.

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The G-d Book:

A Necessarily Incomplete Look at the Essence of G-d

By Rabbi Paul Yedwab
From the author of the best selling, Sex in the Text, comes the perfect "G-d" book for your 7th and 8th graders.

The G-d Book: A Necessarily Incomplete Look at the Essence of G-d is, according to the text-book author Rabbi Paul Yedwab, "an antidote to premature atheism." This is not a theology textbook: It's a thinking, feeling, and sharing textbook. Each chapter features a "My G-d Diary," in which students can write about their feelings, thoughts, doubts and affirmations about the "Unknowable."

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B'Chol L'Vavcha

By Harvey J. Fields
The UAHC Press proudly announces the revision of one of the finest t'filah teaching tools ever written. This new revision of B'chol L'vavcha has:
  • Updated text to reflect current Reform practice
  • New voices, including women commentators
  • New illustrations
  • New perspectives on teaching liturgy
  • Great for teacher resources, b'nei mitzvah preparation, and high school
  • Indispensable as an adult b'nei mitzvah resource
Don't miss this historic revision of a classic text.

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Plays of Ancient Israel:
Legends from the Bible and Jewish Folklore

By L. E. McCullough
The land of Israel has long been a fertile spawning ground for some of the greatest stories ever told - which are now dramatized for your stage! Plays of Ancient Israel presents 12 exciting one-acts from the Old Testament and the treasure trove of Jewish folklore and ritual: Noah, Moses, Jonah, Samson & Delilah, David & Goliath, Ruth and Naomi, King Solomon, tales from the Talmud, origins of Hanukkah, Purim and more.

Description from Publisher

Though the title suggests that these dramatic interpretations of Bible stories and legends from the Midrash target children in grades K to three, the sophistication of the dialogue and plots make them more suitable for older students. The works range from a retelling of the story of Jonah to a less widely known adventure of Elijah the prophet. The text assumes its audience will be familiar with biblical narrative; for example, a character at the end of the tale of Ruth and Naomi comments that Ruth will give birth to a child renowned throughout Israel without making it clear that she is an ancestor of King David. The adults in charge of the productions will appreciate the clear stage directions and flexible casting requirements. For example, a story about angels on earth calls for a 21-member cast, but the play may be performed with 6 boys and 3 girls. Children will appreciate the modern humor injected into standard Sunday-school fare. When Jonah realizes that he has brought God's anger upon the ship he comments, "I was afraid this might happen, but that's the way the prophet bounces." A note outlines each story's origin. A diagram of the stage set; music scores; and descriptions of the set, cast, music, props, and costumes accompany each selection. A good choice for adults looking for a way to enliven religious-school curriculum

Description from School Library Journal

Our Sages Showed the Way

By Yocheved Segal
A treasure trove of 206 beautiful, annotated stories from Midrashic and Talmudic sources, that will delight and educate children of all ages. Translated from the Hebrew 'Ko Asu Chachomeinu.'

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Basic Judaism for Young People :

By Naomi Pasachoff
Use concepts to teach history, stories to teach morality, heroes to teach values. The teachers and sages of the past mastered this teaching strategy--and it is as appropriate today as it was in talmudic times. The Basic Judaism series weaves together history, belief, ritual, halachah, and tradition to convey the richly textured fabric of Jewish life. This encyclopedic course can be taught in discrete units; includes photographs and artwork.

Contents include: Mitzvah, Haftarah, Midrash, Halachah, Humash, Tanach, Nevi'im, and Talmud

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Child's Introduction to the Early Prophets

By Shirley Newman
This series of introductory texts retains all the storytelling magic of the classic Bible tales but never confuses them with fairy tales. Children learn to distinguish between history on the home hand and poetic myth on the other, and to respect them both as sources of Jewish wisdom. Based on the recommendations of the Melton Research Center for the teaching of the Bible.

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Also in the Series:

Introduction to Kings, Later Prophets, and Writings

By Shirley Newman
This series of introductory texts retains all the storytelling magic of the classic Bible tales but never confuses them with fairy tales. Children learn to distinguish between history on the home hand and poetic myth on the other, and to respect them both as sources of Jewish wisdom. Based on the recommendations of the Melton Research Center for the teaching of the Bible.

Description from Publisher

Also in the Series:

Modern Stories of Ancient Patriarchs:

Noah: Who Had the Best of Two Worlds

Abraham: Who Fathered Many Nations

Isaac: The Man Who Trusted Everybody

Jacob: Voted Most Likely to Fail

and Joseph: The Slave Who Made Good

By Marvin L. Smith

Jonah and the Whale And Other Old Testament Stories

By Victoria Parker

Simcha's Torah Stories

By Simcha Groffman
Make your Shabbos table an even happier place to be! Little ones will delight in the stories--one for each weekly Torah portion, and the whole family will enjoy "Simcha's Brain Teasers." A unique and important educational tool, and a whole lot of fun.

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Young Moses, Crown Prince of Egypt
In this imaginative and intriguing story, firmly derived from midrashic sources, renowned storyteller Asher Lehmann portrays the eighteen-year-old Moses and the spiritual conflict that becomes the historic focal point for his identification with the Jewish people.

The Pharaoh of Egypt expects him to inherit the throne; his parents, Yocheved and Amram, want him to assume the leadership of the Hebrew nation. As Moses struggles to decide how best to help his people, the reader will be tantalized by fascinating glimpses of personalities from the Torah and Midrash.

Tales of Tzaddikim
(5 Volume Slipcase Set)

Also Available As Individual Books:
The Talmud teaches that, in significant ways, a student benefits more from serving and observing his teachers than from studying under them ... because there are priceless lessons to be learned from the way a great person acts, from the way he absorbs the teachings of the Torah and lets them change him from an ordinary human being into -- as the Chazon Ish puts it -- “an angel who walks among mortal men.”

This book is a treasure house of such stories: stories from the Talmud, stories from the Midrash, stories about great men throughout the centuries. These hundreds of stories are filled with the warmth and wisdom of the Torah translated into the lives of its people.

As an added, valuable benefit, the tales are divided according to the weekly Torah readings, so that every Sabbath table can be enriched by fascinating stories related to the sidra of the week. Readers and listeners alike will enjoy every inspiration-packed moment they spend with this wonderful book.

Since it was first published in Israel just a few years ago, Tales of Tzaddikim has been a runaway best-seller, going into several large printings. Clearly, the “people of the book” recognize a great book when they see one. Now, two publishing houses on both sides of the ocean -- Mesorah/Artscroll and Hamesorah -- join hands to present this gift of inspiration to English readers everywhere. We warn you, though: Don’t think you can read only the stories of that week’s sidra and then put the book down until next week. This is a book that -- happily -- you will turn to over and over again.

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Stories He Told
(2 Volume Set)

By Miriam Rosenzweig
The delightful parables of the Dubno Maggid on the weekly parashah, Torah portion. These enchanting, inspiring stories have enthralled audiences for over two centuries.

Description from Publisher

Torah Toons I

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
This textbook applies the dynamics of inquiry teaching to recreate an authentically rabbinic study environment. Students read a summary of each parashah, focus on specific verses involving a character’s behavior, answer questions derived from those verses, and explore midrashim that address the same question.

The text covers 36 parashiot (Bereshit through Be-Ha’alotekha).

Description from Publisher

Torah Toons II

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
Torah Toons II expands into the realm of the commentators and asks questions about language and ethics. Students become partners in the process of rabbinic Torah study. Students discover that the Torah can teach different people different lessons, and that struggling with the Torah’s meaning is something Jewish scholars have done for thousands of years.

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