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Holiday Collections

These books are collections of stories about all Jewish holidays. For books on specific holidays (Hanukkah, Shabbat, Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, etc.), go to the pages for the specific holidays. The list is on the frame on the left.

If you wish to purchase any of these books, click on either the title or the book cover to be directed to As a warning, I have put up pictures of the book covers to give you somewhat an idea of the style of each book (I know, I know. "Don't judge a book by its cover") so the pages may load slowly, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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The Jewish Family Fun Book:
Holiday Projects, Everyday Activities, and Travel Ideas with Jewish Themes

By Danielle Dardashti and Roni Sarig
Want to put a new spin on dreidel games? Or a new twist on making challah? Well then roll up your sleeves, put on your dancin’ shoes, and get out your thinking caps, because The Jewish Family Fun Book will help you find something fun in everything that’s Jewish and something Jewish in everything that’s fun. This celebration of Jewish family life is the perfect guide for families wanting to put a new Jewish spin on holidays, holy days, and even the everyday. Featuring activities, games, and history, The Jewish Family Fun Book is sure to inspire parents, children, and extended family to connect with Judaism in fun, creative ways.

With over eighty-five easy-to-do activities to re-invigorate age-old Jewish customs and make them fun for the whole family, this book is more than just kids’ stuff. It’s about taking the Jewish family experience to a new educational and entertaining level. The The Jewish Family Fun Book details activities for fun at home and away from home, including recipes, meaningful everyday and holiday crafts, travel guides, enriching entertainment…and much, much more! Clearly illustrated and full of easy-to-follow instructions, this hands-on guide shows us how to take an active approach to exploring Jewish tradition and have fun along the way.

Each of The Jewish Family Fun Book’s three sections offer dozens of ideas and easy-to-understand instructions:
  • "Holiday Fun" aims to enrich the appropriate seriousness of Jewish holidays with a healthy dose of fun. How about having a Passover seder in a tent, like Israelites in the desert? Or celebrating the harvest holiday of Shavuot by taking your kids strawberry picking?
  • "Fun at Home" features Jewish activities ranging from relaxing (with a guide to Jewish books, music, movies, and websites) to exhausting (instructions for games and other outdoor fun); from creative (ideas for arts and crafts projects and recipes) to unforgettable (mitzvah and volunteer opportunities).
  • "Fun on the Road" is an easy-to-use travel guide, with suggestions for adding a memorable Jewish component to already built-for-fun family vacations. There’s information on Jewish museums, historical sites, camps, festivals, and kosher restaurants across the U.S.

Description from Publisher
The Kids' Catalog of Jewish Holidays
The Kids' Catalog of Jewish Holidays
Adler briefly introduces the history and traditions associated with 13 major holidays, including Shabbat, as well as a few lesser-known days of prayer or celebration. One of the best sections concerns Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Many famous photographs are reproduced, a detailed chronology is included, and there is an enormous list of further readings. The crafts in each section are nicely varied; the selection of traditional songs (with music and lyrics) is more extensive than what is found in most books of this sort; and there is a surprisingly wide variety of recipes, which represent the culinary traditions of several nations. Black-and-white sketches, cartoons, and photographs are scattered throughout, giving readers lots to look at as they enjoy the stories, poems, facts, and fun that fill the pages.

from Booklist, December 15, 1996

10 Great Jewish Children's Stories

By Chaya Burnstein
Double-spread Shabbat and Holiday stories with simple "Do You Know That..." facts at the end of each story. The illustrations have hidden holiday items scattered throughout the pictures. Children use the magnifying glass attached to the front of the shrink-wrapped cover to find the hidden items.

This is the only Jewish Holiday title featuring an attached magnifying glass that helps the children recognize and discover Jewish Holiday objects.

Description from Publisher

Kids Love Jewish Holiday Crafts

By Tracey Agranoff
Full-color illustrations of both the crafters and the crafting processes decorate this oversized, spiral-bound activity book. The crafts are well organized by holiday and are clearly written with lists of both materials needed and procedural steps. Most projects call for easy-to-collect materials and the book's format is quite user-friendly. The spiral binding allows the open book to lie flat and the photographs show what the projects are supposed to look like upon completion. Religious schoolteachers and family crafters may find some basic crafts here to use as a starting point for creating interesting holiday art.

Description from Children's Literature

Kids Love Jewish Holiday Games

By Ron Isaacs
Contains games for every major Jewish Holiday. Full color throughout, with step-by-step instructions of how to play each game.

A section called Game Boards and Patterns at the end of the book contains the items that are needed to play many of the games.

Description from Publisher
Celebrations: Our Jewish Holidays
A simple, one-page explanation of each Jewish holiday, presented in free verse, is accompanied by an equally simple and colorful illustration. Greenberg describes each day as it might be perceived by young children, personalizing the activities to make them relevant to youngsters. In addition to the well-known holidays, the author-illustrator includes Yom Hashoah, a day of commemoration of the Holocaust, and Yom Ha'atzma'ut, the celebration of the founding of the State of Israel. An attractive introduction to the holidays.

description by Horn Book and School Library Journal

The Day the Rabbi Disappeared :
Jewish Holiday Tales of Magic
In this holiday collection, rabbis famous for their knowledge and powers--including women rabbis--bring about miracles, reveal the secret meanings of dreams and names, and contend with angels, dybbuks, and enchantments. Noted folklorist Howard Schwartz retells twelve Jewish tales from around the world. Each tale combines elements of magic with a link to a Jewish holiday (including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Purim, and Passover), plus Shabbat, the weekly Sabbath.

Description from Publisher

This engaging collection moves through the Jewish calendar to encompass twelve Jewish holidays, beginning with Rosh Hodesh, the first day of the month, and ending with the Sabbath, the closing day of the week. Each of the magical tales imparts the essence of the Jewish holiday to which it is allied. Whether speaking of heroism or humility or hubris, each tale of humanity, with its strong moral underpinning, credits G-d with its satisfying resolution. "This is the essence of Jewish magic, for ultimately the Jewish people depend on G-d and not on magic to guard and protect them." Schwartz follows these brief, clear, and simply told tales with rich and highly readable notes about the history of the holiday, the importance of the rabbi, and the sources of the story.

Description from Horn Book

Beni's Family Treasury : Stories for the Jewish Holidays
Jane Breskin Zalben's Jewish holiday picture books have delighted young children for the past ten years. In this beautifully illustrated and elegantly designed treasury, five of her beloved Beni stories (Happy New Year, Beni; Leo & Blossom's Sukkah; Beni's First Chanukah; Goldie's Purim; and Happy Passover, Rosie) are brought together in a holiday collection that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Beni, Sara, Mama, Papa, cousins Rosie and Max, and all of their family and friends celebrate the holidays with warmth and humor. This special edition has a glossary of Jewish terms, and includes a ribbon marker and nameplate.

Description from Publisher
Jewish Holidays and Traditions 
Coloring Book
Jewish Holidays and Traditions Coloring Book
Thousands of years of Jewish history come vividly to life in the 41 delightful illustrations in this unique coloring book. Pictured are key moments in the rituals and celebrations associated with Jewish holidays and traditions. To further explain the signficance of these moments, and the holidays and traditions they serve, artist Chaya Burstein has written an introduction to the subject and extensively detailed captions for each illustration. Children are invited to color vignettes depicting the Friday night Sabbath blessing, the building of a sukkah, the making of noise in the synagogue on Purim, a Passover seder, and the parading of the scrolls on Simhat Torah. Other holidays and special observations include Hanukkah, Yom Kippur, Rosh Ha-Shanah, Tu Bi-Shevat, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel Independence Day, Lag Ba-Omer, Shavuot, and Tisha Be-Av. As they bring their own creativity to these appealing illustrations, children will discover new meaning in the heritage of Judaism. To help them better understand the sequence of the holidays and the nature of the rituals, Chaya Burstein has included a Jewish holiday calendar and a glossary of Jewish ritual objects.

description by Publisher
The Best of K'tonton
The Best of K'tonton
Sixteen stories, one for each holiday. The "Jewish Tom Thumb" takes a ride on a chopping knife, spins on a run-away Hanukkah top, travels to Israel, and to his magic island.

Celebrate! Stories of the Jewish Holidays

By Gilda Berger
The Jewish holidays are called the "jewels in the crown" of the Jewish year. This jewel of a collection by respected author Gilda Berger is a celebration of Jewish traditions, including Bible stories, time lines, recipes, crafts, and commentaries on the holidays. Each chapter covers one Jewish holiday, with a retelling of a related story from the Bible, followed by sections called "What We Celebrate," "How We Celebrate," and "Crafts and Food." A time line in each chapter places the origins of that holiday in its historical context, and a map of the Middle East and a complete index are also included. Glowing paintings by Peter Catalanotto introduce and follow each Bible story. The crafts and recipes are written with careful, simple directions, illustrated with clear diagrams when appropriate. Children (with a little help from an adult) can make a homemade dreidel or menorah, stir up a batch of latkes or cheese blintzes, or create Purim puppets with the directions given here. The author's goal in writing this book was to create one source that could be used by families throughout the year at each Jewish holiday. A superb choice for Jewish families or anyone interested in learning more about these ancient traditions.

Description from

Celebrate the Jewish holiday, the "jewels in the crown" of the Jewish year, with this sparkling collection of stories, recipes, crafts, and commentary.

Did you know that every major annual Jewish holiday plus the weekly holiday, Shabbat, is linked to a story from the Bible? A lively retelling of the brave deeds of such favorite heroes as Queen Ester and Moses opens each of the eight chapters and lays the foundations for the hoiday celebrations. Three sections follow each story. What We Celebrate explores the background of the holidays. How We Celebrate describes traditional ways of observing the holidays. Crafts and Food provides hands-on activities, complete with easy-to-follow recipes and instructions, to bring more depth and fun to the holiday experience.

Gilda Berger's seamless retellings and thoughtful commentary will fascinate and enlighten, as she breathes fresh life into these favorite old tales and illuminates the modern-day signficance of ancient traditions. In perfect complement, Peter Catalanotto's exquisitely rendered paintings glow with warmth and emotion. A true family treasury in the Jewish storytelling tradition, Celebrate! is meant to be shared among children, parents, and grandparents thoughout the year.

Description from Publisher

In a very personal introduction, Berger explains why she decided to create this holiday book. She tells readers that her family loves to celebrate and that books are very much a part of this celebrating. However, she couldn't always find something that was appropriate as a holiday reading. Thus, she has retold these stories and organized them based on the Jewish year beginning with Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah and closing with Shavut. To add even more interest, Berger has included information about what is being celebrated and how the celebration takes place plus activities and recipes for the special foods eaten on many of these holidays. The watercolors by Catalanotto include full-page illustrations that frequently play with bright light coming from the sky and smaller illustrations that focus on a special moment in each story. It is a collection that will appeal to those of the Jewish faith and is an excellent resource for those who may have wondered what all this celebrating is about.

Description from Children's Literature
The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays
The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays
Organized largely according to the Jewish calendar (it begins with the once-a-year holiday of Rosh Hashanah and concludes with the weekly Shabbat), this fine collection of fiction and fact is ideal for family sharing. Drucker includes modern celebrations (such as Yom HaShoah) as well as holidays that have long been part of Jewish history. Information on holiday history, traditions, and terms shares space with stories, poetry, plays, songs, games, recipes, and crafts. The selection of fiction is rich, with much having been previously published (Schwartz's "Mrs. Moskowitz and the Sabbath Candlesticks" and selections from Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, for example), and there's a helpful glossary to round things out. A wide-ranging, enjoyable anthology that can be used by independent readers, parents, and teachers alike.

from Booklist

My Jewish Holiday Fun Book

By Ann D. Koffsky
The Jewish holidays have never been more fun! Learn about the Jewish holidays with this new activity-packed fun book. In this workbook format, young children will spend hours preparing for the holidays. Before the Shabbat candles are set--create a Shabbat table placemat. Before the apples and honey are dipped--fashion a Rosh Hashana card. Before the matzah is broken--decorate a Passover seder plate. Each activity is intended to give a sense of the traditions associated with each holiday and to attach personal meaning to each one. So use your imagination and discover the wonders of the Jewish holidays through coloring, crafts, games and more.

Description from Publisher

This softcover book will keep youngsters busy with games, puzzles, crafts and art projects. Among the High Holidays activities for fall are making Rosh Hashana New Year's cards, a memory game, and drawing special foods in your shopping cart. For Yom Kippur there are a choosing game and a puzzle to unravel. Sukkot and Simchat Torah each have two activities, and all the other holidays throughout the year are also represented by innovative activities.

Description from Children's Literature

Milk and Honey : A Year of Jewish Holidays
August's illustrations catch you first: their stark black outlines, inky details, and old-world charm immediately draw the eye. The text is a fine match for them, nicely written, with a bit of speculation here and there or a funny anecdote or telling quote. Beginning with Rosh Hashanah, Yolen outlines the history and practice of the eight most celebrated holidays on the Jewish calendar, then gives readers a taste of the literature. She includes original as well as traditional selections carefully keyed to the celebration--folk tales, poems, plays, and songs, with music scored for guitar and piano. The combination makes her book wonderful for introducing the Jewish holidays to a student group (though source notes are sketchy) and excellent for family sharing.

Description from Booklist

Clap and Count! :
Action Rhymes for the Jewish Year

y Jacqueline Jules
Jules puts a Jewish spin on a bounty of finger plays, nursery rhymes, and clapping games, including both original poems and new takes on such familiar selections as "Pat-a-cake": "Pat-a-cake / Pat-a-cake / Baker's man. / Bake me a hamantash / Fast as you can!" The selections take primary schoolers through the Jewish year, teaching holiday traditions and Hebrew vocabulary through rhymes, rhythms, and simple hand and body actions. In eye-catching colors, the cheery artwork depicts the movements: a young girl sways, stretches, and bends to "A Flower for Shavuot"; a toddler and a mom laugh to the movements of "The Hungry Passover Mouse." A wealth of preschool and primary-school enrichment and at-home fun.

Description from Booklist

One -Hundred-and-One Read-Aloud Jewish Stories

By Barbara Diamond Goldin (Editor)
Jewish tales, Bible stories, legends and historic accounts from every generation and every land come to life in this captivating collection of short selections designed to introduce pre-readers to the glories of Jewish storytelling.

Reading aloud is the very best way to introduce young children to new worlds, real and imaginary-and to the great pleasures found between the covers of books. This wide-ranging and engaging collection will introduce young and old alike to Biblical heroes, magical and mythical characters, kings, prophets, historic figures and real-life adventurers from Israel, America and many other lands.

Selected and retold by well-known children's author Barbara Diamond Goldin, the stories are designed to be read in ten minutes or less, and the strength and richness of the narratives make them ideal at bedtime. From the stories of Moses, Solomon and Jonah to the legends of the Golem of Prague and the hapless inhabitants of Chelm, and including selections from such renowned writers as Sholom Aleichem and Isaac B. Singer, this is sure to become a treasured volume, read, reread, passed down and loved for years to come.

Description from Piblisher

Jewish Songs for Children

Arranged by Sharon Kaplan
Titles are:

Shavua Tov * V'taher Libeynu * Nigun * Ufaratza * Tapuchim Ud'vash * Lama Suka Zu * Chanukah * My Dreidl * Atzey Zeytim Omdim * Chag Purim * Oh, Once There Was a Wicked, Wicked Man * Ma Nishtanah * L'shana Haba'a * Dayenu * Yisrael V'oraita.

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